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120+ UK Business Directories for Local SEO (Free Listing Guide)

Looking to boost your website’s visibility in the UK market? Submitting your site to the top UK directories is a smart move. It’s not just about gaining backlinks; it’s about reaching a targeted audience that’s actively searching for businesses like yours.

Navigating the vast sea of online directories can be daunting, but don’t worry—you’re in the right place. We’ve sifted through countless options to bring you the crème de la crème of UK directories. By tapping into these resources, you’re setting your site up for increased traffic, better SEO, and a stronger online presence. Ready to get your website noticed? Let’s jump into the best UK directories that should be on your radar.

Why Directory Submission Matters

When you’re looking to enhance your website’s performance in the UK market, understanding the value of directory submissions can set you apart. These directories serve as a beacon, guiding potential customers directly to your digital doorstep.

Gain Credibility and Trust

Submitting to a UK directory isn’t just about SEO; it’s about establishing credibility. A listing in a reputable directory, such as Yell or Brownbook, is like a vote of confidence for your business. Customers trust these platforms, and a presence there can boost your own trustworthiness.

Amplify Your Online Presence

Directories are more than a simple listing; they’re a platform for exposure. With the right directories, your website can catch the eye of an audience that’s already interested in your offerings. Think of it as meeting customers halfway – they’re searching, and you’re ensuring you’re found easily.

Enhance Local SEO

If local dominance is your goal, directories are vital. Google prioritizes local search results for users seeking services and products nearby. Through platforms like Provenexpert or Hotfrog, you can provide the signals search engines need to rank your site favorably in local search queries.

Additional Advantages

Aside from the above, directory submissions bring multiple SEO benefits: improving domain authority, generating quality backlinks, and driving traffic. When customers see your site in directories alongside major competitors, it levels the playing field, giving you a chance to stand out.

Remember, a strategic approach is most effective. Select directories that align with your brand and reach your target demographic, ensuring your efforts yield the maximum return. By leveraging well-known directories with high domain ratings, you’re poised to enhance your SEO while building a more recognizable and respected brand.

Factors to Consider When Choosing UK Directories

When you’re looking to submit your website to UK directories, there are specific factors you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure the most benefit for your site’s online growth and visibility.

Relevance of the Directory

You want to make sure the directories you choose are relevant to your niche. A relevant directory not only boosts your SEO but also positions your website in front of a targeted audience. You can check the categories and listed businesses to gauge how well your brand will fit in.

A woman in a hijab is working on a computer while browsing top UK directories.

Authority and Trustworthiness

The domain authority (DA) of a directory is a critical metric that reflects its reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines. Higher DA directories are favoured as they pass more value to your website. Tools like Moz’s Domain Analysis can help you assess the DA of a directory.

User Experience

It’s crucial that the directory provides a good user experience. If users struggle to navigate the site or find information, it’s less likely that they’ll click through to your website. Look for directories with clean layouts, intuitive navigation and fast load times.

Review Policies and Guidelines

Before submitting, read through the directory’s submission policies and guidelines. This helps to avoid directories that might engage in practices frowned upon by search engines, such as accepting low-quality sites or engaging in link schemes.

Traffic and Engagement

Directories that receive higher traffic numbers can potentially drive more visitors to your website. Use tools like SimilarWeb to get insights into a directory’s traffic and engagement levels. Remember, more eyes on the directory could mean more eyes on your listing.

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to select directories that are well-suited to your website’s needs while avoiding those that could potentially harm your SEO efforts or dilute your brand’s image. Always remember to diversify your directory submission portfolio to optimize your online presence across the UK market.

Directories to Submit Your Website

When you’re ready to boost your online visibility in the UK, a handful of directories stand out for their performance and reliability. Trusted directories not only improve SEO but also serve as gateways for potential customers to find your services.

Below are some DoFollow directories, we have an extensive catalogue but we decided to share a few for free 😀

#Local Search EngineLink StatusDomain AuthorityPage AuthoritySpam Score Follow8330
2gb.enrollbusiness.comNo Follow52515 Follow294111 Follow344810 Follow485135 Follow7382
7freelistinguk.comNo Follow23433 Follow49522 Follow43483 Follow19370 Follow40513
12nearfinderuk.comRedirect11431 Follow25582 Follow6246 Follow6356
16keyworkerdiscounts.ukDo Follow16443 Follow36480 Follow19439
19callupcontact.comDo Follow54560
20find-us-here.comDo Follow44534
21globalcatalog.comNo Follow51559
222findlocal.comNo Follow47557
23provenexpert.comDo Follow64591
24tupalo.comNo Follow576236
25bunity.comDo Follow40493
26brownbook.netDo Follow625813
27a-zbusinessfinder.comDo Follow44524
29b2bco.comNo Follow284813
30startus.ccNo Follow545214
31linkcentre.comNo Follow49582 Follow54517
33localbusinesslisting.orgDo Follow42481
34bizidex.comNo Follow33504
35earthmom.orgNo Follow25440
36whodoyou.comNo Follow44521
371businessworld.comNo Follow37531 Follow21370
39dyrectory.comNo Follow27473
40citypages.proDo Follow15440
41releasewire.comNo Follow59521
42london.companycheck-uk.comNo Follow6263
43teleadreson.comDo Follow39531
44successcenter.comDo Follow28450
45moneysaversguide.comDo Follow74117
46peeplocal.comNo Follow35500
47n49.comDo Follow485449
48cybo.comNo Follow57551
49twidloo.comDo Follow55461
50yell.comNo Follow73613 Follow24211 Follow13201 be confirmed22372
54digitalagencynetwork.comTo be confirmed56540
55promotebusinessdirectory.comTo be confirmed224513
56freeinternetwebdirectory.comTo be confirmed214436
57web-designers-directory.netTo be confirmed8215
58webdesign-firms.comTo be confirmed17294 Follow5163
60marketinginternetdirectory.comTo be confirmed29488
61topseobrands.comTo be confirmed23411
62semfirms.comTo be confirmed30442
63equiag.comTo be confirmed22410
64uka-z.comTo be confirmed6360
65okservicework.comTo be confirmed5330
66bizdiversity.directoryTo be confirmed27450
67findusonweb.comTo be confirmed12381
68directory9.netTo be confirmed7284
69cgmimm.comTo be confirmed45517 be confirmed56496 be confirmed30445
72surfyourtown.comTo be confirmed224630
73place123.netTo be confirmed475321
74gravitysplash.comTo be confirmed11331
75finditangeles.comTo be confirmed28450
76openstreetmap.orgTo be confirmed90721
77bizzectory.comTo be confirmed244425
78zeemaps.comTo be confirmed68541 be confirmed334613
80tradeshowlocal.comTo be confirmed11291
81Localstar.orgTo be confirmed28481 be confirmed450
83directorytogoto.comTo be confirmed29480
84caribconec.comTo be confirmed10220
85businessgrowthbus.comTo be confirmed562
86ilistbusiness.comTo be confirmed12400
87quponing.comTo be confirmed31480
88rstm.comTo be confirmed73518
89hyeglobe.comTo be confirmed12330
90osogbo.comTo be confirmed19430
91biztobiz.orgTo be confirmed24470
92advancedseodirectory.comTo be confirmed264830
93viralclassifiedads.comTo be confirmed16441
94yocale.comTo be confirmed46461
95topgoogle.comTo be confirmed19450
96nextbizmaker.comTo be confirmed16390
97eagleswing.orgTo be confirmed37490
98elbida.comTo be confirmed16390
99dealerbaba.comTo be confirmed37493
100bahtlist.comTo be confirmed16370
101touchlocal.comTo be confirmed46470
102yenino.comTo be confirmed153213 be confirmed52510
104trueen.comTo be confirmed35500 be confirmed30440
106eliteservicesnetwork.comTo be confirmed37470
107247globalbusinesssolutions.comTo be confirmed15420
108adlocalpages.comTo be confirmed27450
109adpost.comTo be confirmed565731 be confirmed6175
111finditinpuertorico.comTo be confirmed11410
112b2bmit.comTo be confirmed29447
113whatsyourhours.comTo be confirmed31490 be confirmed16417 be confirmed28450 be confirmed15330
117gb.kompass.comTo be confirmed69551 be confirmed11337 be confirmed39502 be confirmed20405

*Analytics provided by Moz (12 January 2024)

Directory Submission Best Practices

When submitting your website to UK directories, following best practices not only enhances your site’s visibility but also maintains the integrity of your digital footprint. It’s key to approach this methodically, safeguarding your website’s reputation.

A woman sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen displaying top UK directories with a British flag on it.

Select Relevant Categories

Carefully select the categories under which to list your site. Aligning your website with the most relevant category helps improve your website’s discoverability to users who are genuinely interested in your services.

  • Research the available categories on each directory.
  • Ensure consistency across different directories.

Use Consistent NAP Information

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number. Keeping this information consistent across all directories is crucial for local SEO and boosts your credibility.

  • Double-check your NAP details for accuracy.
  • Update listings if your information changes.

Craft Unique Descriptions

Creating unique and compelling descriptions for each directory can prevent duplicate content issues and potentially improve your SEO results.

  • Tailor descriptions to align with the directory’s audience.
  • Incorporate keywords naturally.

Build Quality Backlinks

Prioritize directories that are recognized for quality. High-quality backlinks can be more beneficial than a higher quantity of low-quality links.

  • Focus on directories with good domain authority.
  • Avoid link farms and directories with spammy content.

For an in-depth look into building quality backlinks, Moz’s guide to link building is an invaluable resource.

Monitor Your Presence

After your listings are live, regularly check your presence in these directories.

  • Respond to reviews and queries promptly.
  • Keep track of your referral traffic from directories.

Remember, directory submissions are a component of a broader digital marketing strategy. They should be used along with other SEO techniques such as content optimization and social media engagement. For a comprehensive approach, explore the latest on Search Engine Journal, which offers advanced tactics and up-to-date insights for digital marketers.


Submitting your website to the top UK directories is a smart move to enhance your online visibility. Remember, it’s all about choosing the right categories, maintaining consistent NAP details, and providing unique descriptions for your listings. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your directory profiles, engage with feedback, and integrate these efforts into your wider digital marketing plan. With these strategies in place, you’re well on your way to boosting your backlink profile and strengthening your local SEO. Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Start submitting today and watch your business grow.

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